Picture of Antoine Gagnon
Antoine Gagnon
Junior Developer


I've always been interested by new technologies. My studies in computer science allowed me to develop the required skills to create quality applications, both in object-oriented and functional languages. Today, I am looking for work as a developer where I could apply the skills I studied for.

Professional experience

Subscription agent
Summer 2014-2015

Stade Marcel Michelin, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE
Subscription service of the stadium, welcoming clients. Job that required organisation to handle a wide amount of clients and the software used by the company.
Developer Intern
April-June 2015

onPeak | GES, Chicago, USA
Setting up code analysis tools to reduce load for quality analysts.
Setting up a Vagrant virtual machine to allow fast deployment and shutdown for developers, QA and devops.
Correcting bugs in JS and ColdFusion.
Admission agent
Summer 2016

Faculté de médecine de Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE
Admission service of the university, welcoming students.
Managing students applications and admissions.
Checking all documents for processing.


Jon Trainor / Senior Developper at onPeak | GES
Eugène Syriani / Teacher and researcher in software engineering at UDeM syriani@iro.umontreal.ca


Université de Montréal, Canada
Masters in Computer Science. Specialisation in Software Engineer.
Université de Bordeaux, France
Licence in Computer Science.
Robert Gordon University, Écosse
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Professional skills

PHP - Laravel
Multiple projects
Java - Android
Multiple projects
AI - PyTorch
Multiple school projects
Python - Django
A few projects

Additional skills

Mother tongue
C2 Level- Bilingual

Recent projects

Survey - BA Bordeaux
Survey website in collaboration with the fine arts museum of Bordeaux. Visitors will get an art piece according to the different answers they've given.
MindMap MPS
DSL created using Jetbrains MPS allowing the creation of a graphical MindMap and the generation of Latex code using said map.
Android application allowing the use of different filters and effects on pictures and tracking of face elements to add face filters.